Is this you?

Fed up of clearing up others dirty clothes, stacking the dishwasher, whilst simultaneously trying to earn money AND not fuck up your kids?

It’s A LOT.

Never before have women been under so much pressure to be the perfect wife, mother, sister, daughter AND do it all while maintaining a stick thin figure and being nice and smiley all the time.


I’m here to invite you to do things a little differently, with one secret ingredient……………………your garden! 🌱

Oh Hi 👋🏼 by the way, I'm Kendall, The Mindful Gardening coach and I help women take time out of their busy lives to quieten their minds whilst creating a garden that sets their heart on fire. ❤️‍🔥

For 10 years I've been inspiring women like you to prioritise their mental health and wellbeing and I've become the go to expert in Mindful Gardening and wellbeing garden co-creation because you are the MOST important part of creating your dream garden. 

My feel-good gardening community take time for themselves in their gardens every day (even if it's only 5 minutes) because their minds are quieter, they have more energy and are more present with their loved ones. And they've found their inner lioness that enables them to go after whatever it is they desire.

You deserve a beautiful garden

Taking you from feeling overwhelmed, frustrated and stressed about the state of your garden and the lack of time you have for yourself, to regularly getting your hands in the soil, growing beautiful blousy blooms that lift your mood each time you lay your eyes on them and creating a soothing green space where you can go bug hunting with the kids and relax with a glass of something cool after a long day.

Making boring, bland gardens, overthinking everything and feeling like you don’t have time, a thing of the past through mindful gardening is my thing.

I’m on a mission to show my clients and community what is possible for them when they start to take their foot off the accelerator and slowly start to press the brake, by connecting with nature and themselves as they create a garden that truly feels like them.

Through online 1:1 bespoke coaching, online and in person masterclasses and my online mindful gardening community the Seed I support exhausted women like you to discover a whole new way of gardening that fits into your busy life. These offerings are going to support you in creating a garden that feels like a warm hug each time you step out into it whilst connecting you with a whole community of women championing radical rest and prioritising their wellbeing.

Masterclasses, programmes and publications blend my wisdom in horticultural therapy, floristry and mindfulness for a totally new, feel-good approach to gardening.

You know it’s time that you started to claim more time for you. As women we have so much power to grow, support and raise up other women simply by taking care of ourselves first.

No more telling yourself you’ll take your time when the washing up’s done, the laundry basket’s empty and the house is tidy, because guess what those things will never be done! That’s enough of putting everyone else’s needs ahead of your own.

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Hello! I'm The Mindful Gardening Coach. I help women take time out of their busy lives to quieten their minds whilst creating a garden that sets their heart on fire and getting creative with the flowers that they grow.